Move, Breathe, Relax…

Come to Your Senses!

In “The West” we tend to focus on working out, we exercise our bodies and seem to believe that there is no gain that comes without pain.

Our external approach to exercise ignores the internal, deeper, currents of our being, based on a paradigm that does not fully acknowledge the interconnected nature of things, including the mind and body. Far too often our lives are spent in “busy”ness. Interestingly, in Chinese language, the character for busy combines the characters for the heart …..and death!

if life lacks a reasonable balance of work, rest and play, health and well-being may suffer.
Qigong (Chi Kung) is a practice which draws us beneath the surface of our overstimulated lives. Qigong is working in; a beautiful blend of movement and meditation that makes the mind and spirit tranquil, improves breathing, flexibility, performance in sports, and cultivates health, well-being, and longevity.


NB “complimentary” means free. While it is true that access to improved energy flow is freely accessible to all, I believe what was meant above is that Qigong practice can be complementary, to any other form of healing or exercise.

 An Introduction to Qigong   with Robin Grant

Qigong for Beginners


The Physiology of Tai Chi & Qigong


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